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Expertise You Can Trust For Clay Bar Services

Clay bars are an essential tool for a professional auto detailing job, quickly and easily removing harmful debris from the surface of your vehicle. When it comes to clay bar services, you can trust Automate for expert help. We provide the highest quality service, giving your car the showroom shine you’ve been looking for.

At Automate, we use only high-quality clay bars designed for automotive finishes. Our products are safe, effective, and gentle enough to use on all types of finishes without causing any damage. In addition, our technicians have extensive experience in using all kinds of detailing tools, including clay bars, so they know exactly what products work best on what surfaces.

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Time Saving Conveinience:-

Time Saving Conveinience:-

How Do We Perform Our Clay Bar Servicing Job?

Before beginning any clay bar service with us, we always thoroughly inspect the car’s paintwork before deciding what kind of treatment best suits your needs. This ensures that no detail is left behind!

Once we have evaluated the condition of your vehicle's exterior, we apply either a medium-grade or a heavy-duty-grade clay bar depending on the level of contamination present, to remove contaminants quickly.

After every clay bar service at Automate, we finish with a coat of high-grade wax or sealant to protect the newly cleaned surface and bring out its natural beauty. Waxing or sealing after a clay bar treatment keeps it looking great for a long time and helps prevent further contamination from sticking onto the surface again in the future.

What Is Clay Bar Detailing?

Clay bar detailing is a process that uses a clay bar to smooth out rough patches on the exterior of your car. The clay bar picks up embedded dirt, tar, and other contaminants that have become stuck in your vehicle's paintwork. This helps restore the original finish and make the car look brand-new.

The Benefits of Clay Bar Detailing

Clay bar detailing offers several benefits for your car:

Removes paint contamination

Debris embedded in the paintwork can cause damage over time. Using a clay bar will remove this debris, restoring your car's original finish and protecting it from further damage.

Smoothes out rough patches

Clay bars can smooth out small scratches and imperfections in the paintwork caused by dirt and grime build-up, making your car look new again.

Easier to clean

After using a clay bar on your car, it will be easier to keep clean due to its smooth finish. The smoother surface also helps reduce dust accumulation on the exterior, making it easier to keep clean with regular washing.

If you want to keep your car looking new, clay bar detailing should be part of your regular maintenance routine!

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As experienced technicians, we understand how important it is to keep your vehicle’s finish looking good and will recommend the best type of clay bar for your situation.

So when you need reliable clay bar services that will give you that showroom shine back on your car without taking away too much time or money from you, look no further than us at Automate! With our expertise in handling all kinds of auto detailing projects using only top-notch products and our commitment to customer satisfaction, we've got everything covered.

You can expect the best result when you bring your car to us for a clay bar!

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